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My Mexican Christmas!! The Freedom Wig is AMAZING!!

Posted By: Jennifer Krahn


  My Family visited Cancun, Mexico this Christmas.  This was my first time back since losing my hair 6 years ago to alopecia.  

I played in 4 foot ocean waves (the red flags were out on the beach so of course us prairie-dwellers went into the water).  I had sand castles in my bathing suit from being swept around but my hair stayed out without an issue.

I played some intense beach volleyball daily, I walked the very windy beach with head held high, I went swimming, I went snorkelling and I went on a couple of boat rides all while wearing my Freedom Wig.

I wore my hair up in a high ponytail while I was there and did not feel hot once! (The weather was 28 celcius with high humidity and we were a very active family) I got to experience beachy waves in my hair again (I wear a 12" slightly wavy hairpiece.)

This is a true testimonial to the fact that the Freedom Wig let me experience my Cancun vacation with freedom, security, confidence and the adventurous spirit I love to have.