About Us

Image Evolution is pleased to be the Freedom Wigs representative for Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic provinces . Having alopecia myself, I understand the emotions that come with hair loss. I am here to listen to your needs and provide you with a caring and understanding environment as well as guidance in the ordering process of your Freedom Wig. I use the utmost discretion and ensure you are completely comfortable with your final decision. I will provide you with information for proper care of your Freedom hairpiece and make certain that a proper styling appointment occurs. I am always just an email or phone call away for any questions or concerns you may have.

My Bio

“Let the adventure Begin”… a motto I have always lived by, one that my husband and I wrote on our wedding invitation, and one Universalist hat has lead me to two children, a dog, a university volleyball career, a profession in teaching, mountain climbing, canoe trips, marathon running, and many other wonderful discoveries. One discovery changed my life dramatically, was upon the discovery of a smooth round spot on my head while doing my hair one day. After receiving my medical diagnosis of Alopecia, going through a series of medical treatments, and enduring the sadness of the complete loss of my hair, I very quickly recognized that I was becoming a shell of my previous fun-loving self.

To take control of my life I began searching for hairpieces to help renew my sense of self. I found my first human-hair piece in a salon which was the exact same color as my hair. I was ecstatic for the find, but after several months was left feeling disappointed with the hair quality, texture and comfort especially for the large price I had invested. The hair was dry and matting and discovered that this was due to the initial chemical processing to get all the hair follicles to run in the same direction. My scalp was irritated, especially after a workout, or volleyball game as the netting would remain damp, I disliked using tape to keep the hairpiece in place, wearing a hat was uncomfortable, and I never felt secure, especially in the wind, boating, or during activities.

I then decided to purchase a synthetic wig only to dislike the texture and longevity of the hair, and I still encountered the issues previously mentioned. It was at this time I saw a picture of a Freedom Wig and thought how natural this hairpiece looked. I quickly met for a consult and fitting and have never looked back! The hair in texture felt exactly like my own. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of selecting the hair color(s), density, wave pattern and really for the first time got to pick MY hair (not the hair relegated on the shelves that came with their own name!) My consultant made me comfortable, welcoming and better yet, I got to return to a hair salon and get pampered during my styling appointment. This really was a life changing moment.

Due to the Freedom Wig’s custom, comfort (I sometimes forget I am wearing a hairpiece) and secure fit, I returned to the competitive volleyball court, went swimming, played vigorously with my kids, went camping, cross-country skiing, running and returned to my previous lifestyle with confidence. (Even the unexpected water-fight that lead to my being thrown in the lake, did not induce panic) My adventurous fun-loving spirit was restored.

The Freedom hairpiece helped me regain my confidence, and it is the reason and inspiration for why I would like to make this technology readily available to the rest of Canada. My new adventure is heartfelt in allowing others to live their life’s adventure to the fullest!