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What is Vacuum technology?

The Freedom wig is created using a medical-grade smooth silicone base. This silicon base has a natural affinity to human skin to help create a gentle suction to hold the hairpiece in place. To create the base of the wig a 3D scan is taken of the wearers head so that the silicon base is the exact dimension of the wearer’s head. Once the wig is correctly placed on the head, devoid of hair and excess oil, a natural seal occurs between the scalp and the hairpiece. A proper seal is felt when the hairpiece feels not tight or loose on the head. This allows the wearer to exercise, run in the wind, go on amusement rides without having the hairpiece come off unannounced.

How long will it take to get the freedom wig?

Once ordered, you can expect to receive your hairpiece in approximately 3-4 months.

Does the Freedom Wig cause excessive heat?

The new Freedom II Cap, exclusive to Freedom Wig dealers, has helped relieve the heat issue experienced in previous vacuum wig bases. Silicone has a natural ability to allow excess heat and water vapor to dissipate at a natural rate. The silicone takes on the heat of the wearer’s head. Therefore this question of heat becomes subjective as what is perceived as hot to one person does not to another.

From my personal experience on regular day to day activities even on hot humid days, I have not felt hot in the hairpiece. During excessive activity such as my competitive volleyball, or running I have felt perspiration run down the sides of my neck but this looks very natural. If excessive heat and moisture build up which has on occasion, most will release as perspiration along the nape of the neck or near the temples and if need be I will simply wipe the inside of the cap and my head in a discreet location and place it back on my head. I personally appreciate that there is no full netting base to remain damp upon completion of a workout.

What is required in terms of upkeep and maintenance of the Freedom Wig?

Daily washing of the inside of the silicone cap with antibacterial soap is needed to remove any excess oil and residue that is left behind. This system is beautiful in that you do get to clean the inside of the cap and the hair never gets wet! The hair itself should be washed with salon quality shampoo and conditioner every 7-10 days. I often will also use hair products that have built in UV protection (available at salons) when going out in spring to summer when UV rays are at their highest.

After several months to a year of wear, you will also want to touch up your hair color due to the natural oxidation process. At this time, you will want to visit a salon to have low lights or a toner put in the hair to rejuvenate the original colour. This process will also help condition the hair leaving it soft and healthy.

How do I know if and when a repair is required?

A repair is required when excessive hair loss is seen on the hairpiece or if you begin to see excessive wear and tear on the silicone base. Usually a repair is required between 18 months to 2 years of having the hairpiece. The repair will cost a fraction of the original cost of the hairpiece and will prolong the life of your hair. After the hairpiece is restored, you will feel like new again.

How long should I expect the Freedom hairpiece to last?

If properly maintained and cared for, a Freedom hairpiece on average will last between 3-5 years. This is all dependent on the daily maintenance, wear and tear and general upkeep of the wearer. Excessive mechanical damage due to over brushing, playing with the hair, or wearing tight hats or elastics will decrease the longevity of the piece. Sleeping in the hairpiece in the number one cause of mechanical damage.

Is this type of hairpiece a good choice for children? Boys?

Absolutely! With the latest style and cuts being of the slightly grown out look, boys, teenagers and men all look very natural in this hairpiece. The vacuum seal of the hairpiece also allows kids to be kids! Cartwheels, tag, swimming all can be done without issue.

Is there any financial assistance for the hairpiece?

If you have personal insurance, you may be able to get reimbursed for part, or all, of your wig purchase depending on your coverage.

Clients should include their wig purchase as a medical receipt when filing for income tax with Revenue Canada. The wig will be considered a medical expense and issued a tax rebate.

Clients save 7% PST on the purchase of a Freedom Wig when you have a prescription from your doctor that will allow your purchase to be PST exempt.

Variety Club may be able to help cover some costs associated with the purchase of the hairpiece if it is for a child under 18 years of age. An application must be filled out in advance of purchase of the hairpiece to apply for funds.

In Manitoba, clients save the Provincial sales tax.